History of Soccer in Australia

Soccer is a sport that has gained popularity in Australia over the years. It has contributed to the unity of the people in Australia. The history of soccer in Australia is misunderstood by many. Some have the notion that soccer gained popularity in Australia after world war two when a large number of people in Europe migrated to Australia.

The truth is that soccer has been played in Australia for more than one hundred and thirty years. The first soccer match that was played in Australia took place in the year 1880 and it was between The King’s School in Sydney and the Wanderers.

Not too long ago, an earlier game prior to this was discovered. The game which took place in Hobart was between the New Town football clubs and the Cricketers. New reports are showing that there were even earlier games prior to this one.

All these new findings create a need for the history of soccer in Australia to be re-written. The first soccer match that was played in Australia took place in 1875 in Woogaroo which is now called Goodna, not too far from Brisbane. We cannot be certain that there was no soccer match prior to this one.

There is a huge possibility that a match was played in 1870 between the Police and the Melbourne football club under the British Association rule. Of course, a lot more research needs to be done in order to determine correctly the exact time the game was played.

The story that surrounds the reason why the Woogaroo were playing football (soccer) while every other club were playing rugby is quite fascinating. The decision to play soccer instead of rugby could have been the choice of the players or might have been the decision of the Asylum’s superintendent. Further research is needed in order to accurately determine the reason why they chose to play soccer.

In the onset, soccer was not really a game loved by many in Australia; many back then preferred rugby because it was intense. Things started to change when waves of migrant started to flock to Australia after world war two. These migrants formed communities, in several industries. The people that formed these communities had a very strong soccer culture. And just like that the game of soccer slowly grew to what it is today.

Presently, a lot of people are passionate about soccer in Australia. There are a lot of buried facts about the history of soccer in Australia. But there is a possibility that these facts may come to light in years to come.


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