Some of the Most Famous Australian Female Athletes

From soccer, rugby to cricket, Australia is a country that has a rich history in sports. Besides having some of the best male stars in sports, the country also boasts of having female stars. Women have not been left behind and here are some of the top female athletes that have made the country proud. While some are still in sports, others have retired.

Jelena Dokic

Born in the year 1983, Jelena is a former tennis player who was once Number 4 in the world. This was her highest ranking. Her biggest breakthrough was when she beat Martina Hingis during the 1999 Wimbledon Championships. The 35 year old retired in the year 2014 and she is currently a commentator, a writer and a coach in Australia.

Catherine Astrid Salome

Catherine Astrid Salome was born back in the year 1973 and made history in various ways in her career making Australia proud. It was at the 1994 Commonwealth games that she saw her breakthrough in Canada.

Specializing in 400m event and participating in the 200 one, she managed to win gold for both. Also commonly referred to as Cathy, she lit the Olympic Flame as she was the Olympic champion at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Melissa Paige Wu

Born in Sydney, Melissa Wu has made history in the world of sports. The 26 year old specializes in diving where she has scooped several awards. She focuses on 10 m platform, 10 m synchro and 10 m mixed synchro. Some of her wins includes silver medal in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the 2007 World Aquatics Championships, the 2008 Summer Olympics and gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Stephanie Louise Rice

A former competitive swimmer, Rice had a strong performance throughout her career. The 30 year old won bronze medal during the 2007 Melbourne World Championships, during the 2008 Summer Olympics , she won three gold medals while in the 2009 World Championships, she won a bronze and 2 silver medals.

Anna Maree Devenish Meares

Born in Blackwater, Queensland, Australia, Anna Meares is a famous retired track cyclist. Her breakthrough was in the year 2004 during the Olympic Games in Athens. It was in the Women’s 500-metre time trial that she won a gold medal by setting a new world record. In the year 2012 she won 3 gold medals during the World Championships. She has won several awards such as the Australian Junior Women’s Track Cyclist of the Year.