Some of the Greatest Australian Tennis Players in History

Tennis is a popular sport in Australia and that is the reason you hear about the Australian Open. This is an activity that is watched across the globe. With the sport being popular in the country, some of the all-time tennis legends have come from here. They have set their own records retiring as heroes and heroines.

·         Roy Emerson

One of the greatest tennis players to have ever emerged from Australia is Roy Emerson who is in the record as being the only player to have ever won Majors tournament at least twice. He won a total of 20 doubles titles playing in the Open Era with two of them being in Grand Slams. In the Australian Open, he had great success when he won 5 consecutive titles in the 6 singles that he won.

·         Margaret Court

This is actually one of the players that are in the record for various things. Margaret Court is not only the second person to have won a Grand Slam in the Open Era, but she is also the first-ever woman to have ever done it. In Calendar Slams in the singles, mixed doubles and doubles, she is the only player in history to have ever won this and also the player who has won the most major titles. Her winning percentage in Grand Slam and singles in the Open Era, she won more than 91 percent of it.

·         Ken Rosewall

Winning a total of 12-time Grand Slam singles, Ken Rosewall is in the record when he won a Grand Slam in Open Era without dropping a set. He was the first to do so in the Open Era although today, Roger Federer has done the same. In the year 1972, at the age of 38 during the Australian Open, he won putting him in the record as the oldest singles champion ever.

·         Rod Laver

In the year 1965, Rod Laver was taken into the account as the number 1 player in the world when he won 17 titles while in 1968 during the Championships, Wimbledon, he became the first-ever champion of the Open Era. For almost 50 years, he was holding the record as the only tennis player to have the most titles in one season. Due to his unapparelled success as a player, Rod Laver Arena where the Australian Open takes place was named after him.