Security Tips for The Travelling Sports Star

Living the life of a sports star means you spend many months of the year on the road. Away from your friends, family and home. So while your home residence may have the latest and greatest in modern security features that all becomes redundant and you travel the country or globe.

So how does the travelling sports star stay safe while on the road? Follow these simple security tips to prevent becoming the victim of theft and burglary.

Prevent Announcing You’ll Be Away From Your Home

When your travel dates are set, don’t publicly announce these dates to people on social media or on your answering machine. You can also purchase a timer that automatically turns on the lamps when it gets dark so as to work as a disguise for burglars. This will prevent anyone stealing from your actual home when you are away.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

It is estimated that 34% of all thieves come in right through the front door. This means that you should have more security provisions on your front door than any other door. Choose accommodation that has security entry and double key deadbolts that were installed by a professional locksmith.

This will enhance your security and keep you safe. Double key deadbolts require a key not only to enter but also exiting. With this kind of provision on your door, it will be difficult for thieves to get your stuff out in case they break into your house unless they break the door down.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

You should always maintain a practice of locking your doors and windows especially at night or when you’re leaving the house. This step may seem obvious even though many have neglected to do it at times. Open windows and doors give thieves an easy way in to the property and thus you should make sure they are always locked. You should also not forget to secure side doors.

Hide Valuables

Thieves usually target to steal what they see and know exists. They often arrange to break into your house after seeing your valuables if they are clearly visible. Famous sports stars are often targets so play it low key and stay out of the spotlight. This will put prospective thieves in the dark about where you are staying and what items you are travelling with. Make sure to use privacy curtains so as to prevent people from seeing inside your house. You should also avoid leaving valuables close to windows, especially small items that can easily be carried away.