Best football managers on the planet

Managing a football team is no easy business. Substantial knowledge of the game is needed as well as a diverse array of other talents. World class managers are very tactical and they know how to discipline and motivate their players individually.

Their instructions need to be effectively dished out; they also need to be able to anticipate the mood, physical and psychological condition of all their players. The ability of a manager to make tactical changes and intelligent substitution during a match is going to affect the overall performance of his team.

Over the years, there have been a lot of talented managers who lead their teams to victory. In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best football managers in the world.

Mircea Lucescu

Micrea managed Shakhtar Donetsk for twenty years. During his stay in Ukraine, he was able to win every domestic trophy and crowned thing up by winning the UEFA Cup in 2009. He made Shakhtar a formidable force and was able to reach the quarter-finals in 2011 Champions league. He is presently managing one of the Turkish national team.

Jurgen Klopp

Present Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has rising to become one of the best managers in the world within a very short period of time. He caught the attention of a lot of football enthusiast when he managed Borussia Dortmund. He won the German cup in 2012 and the league cup in 2011 and 2012. Kloop was able to end the dominance of their fierce rival Bayern Munich. He is presently coaching Liverpool and has been able to take them to two cup finals.

Pep Guardiola

Pep made a name for himself when he coached Barcelona. His football strategy was super effective. He was able to win 3 super cup, 2 domestic cups, 3 La Liga title, 2 world club cups and 2 champions league. In all, he was able to bag 14 trophies in four seasons. He is presently coaching Manchester city.

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho is indeed of the best football managers of all time because he was able to bag so many trophies. He is presently coaching Manchester United. He started as a teacher in physical education and later went on to hone his coaching skills under legends like Louis Van Gaal and Bobby Robson. He has won 4 domestic cups and eight league title.

The reason why these coaches are regarded as the best is that they have been consistent and have improved all the team they have coached.


History of Soccer in Australia

Soccer is a sport that has gained popularity in Australia over the years. It has contributed to the unity of the people in Australia. The history of soccer in Australia is misunderstood by many. Some have the notion that soccer gained popularity in Australia after world war two when a large number of people in Europe migrated to Australia.

The truth is that soccer has been played in Australia for more than One hundred and thirty years. The first soccer match that was played in Australia took place in the year 1880 and it was between the king’s school in Sydney and the Wanderers.

Not too long ago, an earlier game prior to this was discovered. The game which took place in Hobart was between the New town football clubs and the Cricketers. New reports are showing that there were even earlier games prior to this one.

All these new findings create a need for the history of soccer in Australia to be re-written. The first soccer match that was played in Australia took place in 1875 in Woogaroo which is now called Goodman, not too far from Brisbane. We cannot be certain that there was no soccer match prior to this one.

There is a huge possibility that a match was played in 1870 between the Police and the Melbourne football club under the British Association rule. Of course, a lot more research needs to be done in order to determine correctly the exact time the game was played.

The story that surrounds the reason why the Woogaroo were playing football (soccer) while every other club were playing rugby is quite fascinating. The decision to play soccer instead of rugby could have been the choice of the players or might have been the decision of the Asylum’s superintendent. Further research is needed in order to accurately determine the reason why they chose to play soccer.

In the onset, soccer was not really a game loved by many in Australia; many back then preferred rugby because it was intense. Things started to change when waves of migrant started to flock to Australia after world war two. These migrants formed communities, in several industries. The people that formed these communities had a very strong soccer culture. And just like that the game of soccer slowly grew to what it is today.

Presently, a lot of people are passionate about soccer in Australia. There are a lot of buried facts about the history of soccer in Australia. But there is a possibility that these facts may come to light in years to come.


Best Australian Soccer Players

Soccer is indeed a sport with a lot of passion, love, and excitement. Soccer is a very popular sport in a lot of countries and Australia is one of them. Soccer stars have come and gone but their names have not been forgotten. Over the years there have been a lot of notable soccer stars in Australia. These men have been featured in the world cup. Some have made a name for their self in European and British football.

You would agree that soccer is not the number one sport in Australia. That said. Some player has been able to beat all the odds and made a name that will be remembered for a long time.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best soccer players in Australia. These legends have inspired a lot of people around the world and have left a mark in the minds of football enthusiast.

Johnny Warren

The late Johnny Warren was known by many as Mr. Australia. He dedicated everything in him for the game he loved until his death in 2004. He was part of the notational squad that qualified for the world cup in 1974.  He was devastated when his team failed to make it into the world cup in 2002 tournament.

While he was with the Socceroos he earned about sixty-two caps. In the year 1988, he was inducted into the Australian sports hall of fame.

Tim Cahill

This Australian legend is admired by many in England because of his wonderful performance while he played in Everton and Millwall. He is regarded by many as one of the finest players that Australia has ever produced.

This midfielder was able to earn his place in the heart of fans back in the days because of his die-hard attitude. Some regarded him as a savior because he had a knack for scoring goals at crucial moments.

He enjoyed the late stage of his career with New York Red Bulls and MLS.

Craig Johnston

Craig Johnson is a player that a lot of Liverpool fans respect a lot. He was at his peak from 1981 to 1988, during this period, he scored a couple of goals and contributed to the overall performance of his team back them.

There is a hand full of legends in Australia, these men have touched the lives of many and will continue to be remembered for years and years to come.


Playing In The Team Colors Manufacturers Of Soccer Games Uniforms

The best part of the team is its colors. Most of the sports teams pay plenty of attention to this one aspect. When they start the new season, it is time to inspect the old uniforms and place orders for the new ones.

Designs for the Custom Soccer Jerseys

A team that has a nifty uniform will have a psychological advantage over the other team. For this reason, every team will try to get the best uniform with the smartest colors. Through their solid look, they establish their superiority before the game has started even! Each team wants the best looking soccer uniform for their own use.

The team with a comfortable uniform will have satisfied players. They will not squirm around uncomfortably while playing the game. This helps them deliver their best to their team. So, it is wise to pay attention to the color, the fit, and the material before you place the order for the new soccer jerseys for your team.

You can choose soccer jerseys with different designs but using the conventional design will help. The conventional designs have the best fit and help the player move freely. You can have extra pockets or piping to boost the color combination. But, that depends on the manager of the team and upon the coach.

Have A Spare Uniform

Having one or two uniforms helps because there is a possibility that in the course of the games the team will come across another having the same color. Playing in the same color as the oppositions will lead to confusion on the field. To help deal with this situation, the teams will usually order two uniforms with two different colors. So, when there is a clash, the team will choose the other color.

The jersey manufacturers offer many sporting wear items such as shorts and jerseys for playing a variety of games such as soccer, cricket, and rugby. You also get custom sports dresses made as per the instructions of the team. For instance, a team might want the logo on the back of the uniform while another may need them on the front of the chest.

Choosing The Design

The team and the manager decide the design of the uniform. They sit together and determine which color will suit. Then they create the purchase order to the manufacturer of the Custom association football Jerseys. The manufacturer sends  the jerseys within the prescribed time. The handicraft should be strong rather like the fabric so the jerseys last through one whole season. To ensure this, the manager must choose the material that is expensive and tough. Yet, they must have comfort.

A team that plays together will win and comes out to practice their uniforms and have many practice matches. During these matches, it becomes obvious how well the team is playing. But, more importantly, it helps build the team spirit. The team members are able to identify each other on the field through their colors. This is one of the vital aspects of the games uniform.


America’s Major League Soccer Deep Review

There is no doubt that soccer is ever growing in the United States and at a rapid speed. Now at its twenty-second year, it may have finally blossomed to “adulthood.” Founded in December 1993, the men’s professional soccer league has grown tremendously and represented the highest sports level in both the United States and in Canada.

Structure of the MLS

The major league soccer has 22 team squads competing in it, 19 of them based in the US while the remaining three are from Canada. The league usually starts on March all through to October with each team playing a minimum of 34 games. Three points are awarded to the winning team while a single point is shared amongst the team in case of a draw.

The losing team gets no points. MLS teams that will be holding the best record at the end of the season gets to celebrate the Supporters Shield. For the Post-season, there are 12 teams participating in the play offs from November to December, concluding with the champions game and the winner gets the MLS Cup.

Major MLS Competitions

Apart from the league games, MLS teams participate in other competitions. Five teams will represent the MLS every season to compete in the CONCACAF Champions League. CONCACAF includes teams from the region including the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico.

Those qualifying for the Champions League includes winners of the Eastern and Western Cup, MLS CUP winners, US Open Cup and two teams from America and Canada that qualify from playing lower division US clubs. However, since the new format of the Champions Leagues in 2008, no US based team has won the cup.


The twenty-two MLS teams are divided between Western and Eastern Conference. A team may have a maximum of 28 players for its first team roster who all eligible for selection during games. A total of 18 players is allowed to participate in single match roster.

Up until 2007, the MLS contained 20 teams but has since added two more teams to include Canadian teams. With plans to increase the league teams to 24 teams in 2018, the MLS is only growing bigger.

In its entire history, the MLS has had 23 teams compete in it and has had 11 different winners for the MLS Cup and 11 for the Supporters Shield. In 6 occasions, both cups have been won by the same club, and only teams have repeated this feat twice.


Since 1991, the MLS has seen a growth of twelve new soccer stadiums. Just like European based soccer clubs owning their stadiums, the MLS has adopted this trend thus creating a game-day atmosphere and experience for the fans. Teams with their stadiums also generate income and save costs for renting out facilities.

It has also boosted tickets sales especially season long tickets. With club stadiums, the growth of the MLS is projected to get higher and attract more soccer fans. Various MLS clubs have already set out plans to build new stadiums, and the remaining teams can only share for now.


Security Tips for The Travelling Sports Star

Living the life of a sports star means you spend many months of the year on the road. Away from your friends, family and home. So while your home residence may have the latest and greatest in modern security features that all becomes redundant and you travel the country or globe.

So how does the travelling sports star stay safe while on the road? Follow these simple security tips to prevent becoming the victim of theft and burglary.

Prevent Announcing You’ll Be Away From Your Home

When your travel dates are set, don’t publicly announce these dates to people on social media or on your answering machine. You can also purchase a timer that automatically turns on the lamps when it gets dark so as to work as a disguise for burglars. This will prevent anyone stealing from your actual home when you are away.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

It is estimated that 34% of all thieves come in right through the front door. This means that you should have more security provisions on your front door than any other door. Choose accommodation that has security entry and double key deadbolts that were installed by a professional locksmith.

This will enhance your security and keep you safe. Double key deadbolts require a key not only to enter but also exiting. With this kind of provision on your door, it will be difficult for thieves to get your stuff out in case they break into your house unless they break the door down.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

You should always maintain a practice of locking your doors and windows especially at night or when you’re leaving the house. This step may seem obvious even though many have neglected to do it at times. Open windows and doors give thieves an easy way in to the property and thus you should make sure they are always locked. You should also not forget to secure side doors.

Hide Valuables

Thieves usually target to steal what they see and know exists. They often arrange to break into your house after seeing your valuables if they are clearly visible. Famous sports stars are often targets so play it low key and stay out of the spotlight. This will put prospective thieves in the dark about where you are staying and what items you are travelling with. Make sure to use privacy curtains so as to prevent people from seeing inside your house. You should also avoid leaving valuables close to windows, especially small items that can easily be carried away.


Luxury Transfers for Sports Stars and the General Public

bmw7-featuredWe all know that the rich and famous use professional chauffeurs to drive them around in limousines. They all do it. Sports stars, celebrities, models and so on. But did you know they are not all that expensive? Sure they cost more than your average taxi for a short 15 minute trip. But if you were to catch a taxi for an hour trip then you might as well hire a professionally chauffeured limousine.

Obviously the prices change between different companies and repeat customers may also be entitled to some sort of reward or discount. But for a luxury sedan transfer you are probably looking around the $160 mark for an hours travel. When you take into consideration what you get for this the value is really quite high.

Lets consider you booked a luxury transfer from the airport to your home or hotel which is an hours drive from the airport. Upon arrival a professionally dressed driver will be waiting for you at the arrival gate. The driver can also assist with luggage when you arrive.

Escorted to your limousine that is parked close by you do not have to wait for any long taxi lines or get on an overcrowded bus or train. Instead you are greeted with a pleasant smelling luxury sedan which often has leather interior, climate control and all the fancy features. The driver can be silent if you wish and purely drive you home or to your hotel. Of course if you are someone who wants to talk with the driver then this is always an option too.

For you entertainment, you may listen to music on the sound system, or you may choose to do more personal things such as make personal calls or check emails. Whatever you desire. You will be at peace in your limo that will be in true showroom condition. With the dark window tint you can really escape the outside world allowing you to sit back, relax and simply enjoy the ride.

See why the wealthy always travel this way? Its just like your best friend won lotto and bought a pimped out new luxury car, then enjoyed driving so much that they just wanted to drive you wherever you wanted to go. Ha! Unlikely right?

Either way, a chauffeured limousine is always available. And if you do your research you are sure to find that on longer trips they are actually very cost effective when compared to a traditional taxi. Plus even if you do have to pay a little bit more just think of the experience of the travel. Style, comfort and luxury are all benefits.

So the next time you have a long drive coming up consider doing it like the sports stars and other rich and famous people. Do your research and check out a luxury transfer.


Highest Earning Aussie Sports Stars

Australian Dollar Notes PileSo who are the top earning Aussie Sports stars these days? Is it a soccer player? Are soccer players even in the top 10 of the highest earning Aussie Sport Stars? All will be revealed in the following paragraphs of this exciting post.

Compared to the rest of the world, namely America, Australia has typically had some of the lower paid sports stars. Hence the reason why you often see people at the top of their game taking the leap overseas to accept higher paying offers in overseas competitions.

Often sports stars will change to a completely different sports for the lure of more money. However history often shows that those who chase the money often come running back in the not to distant future. Reason being is that they cannot adapt to the new sport, or the new team, or the new competition, or even the environment and lifestyle of the new country. There are so many reasons why running for the money does not always work out. However there are other ways for Australian sports stars to make the big bucks too. That is from competing in international competitions and taking our podium places to win huge prize money and also sponsorship deals from clothing or sporting merchandise.

Now lets get down to the numbers. Who took out number 1 position? Well according to the data from the highest paid Aussie sports star is Andrew Bogut – an Australian Basketballer at $16.2 Million for the year of 2014. Following Andrew are 2 golfers Adam Scott and Jason Day taking home $15.5 and $10.65 Million respectively. At numebr 4 we have Marcos Ambrose in Motor Racing and in number 5 position we have our very own Tim Cahill. This puts Tim as Australia’s highest paid Soccer star sitting comfortably at $5.5 Million in 2014.

So how did Tim get to the number 5 position? Well like some of the other top earning Aussies he has signed a lucrative contract with Shangai Shenhua.

Funnily enough in the next 5 positions are 3 more basketballers and 2 cricket stars. So, with not only the #1 positions but also 3 out of the top 10, it is safe to say that Basketball is the highest paying sport in Australia. However these incomes are a result of being accepted into the NBA and achieving the high pay packets from the American league.

Either way out of the top 50 the person in number 50th position was Carrie Web (golfer) with $1.28 Million added to her name. As with any industry when you get to the top of your field you start to see the rewards. And in this case money is the real kicker. But if you are just starting out remember that playing sport is not just about the money. You need to do something that you are passionate about. When you do what you love for a living you are much more likely to succeed and the money will come to you. Its a better way to look at the world this way than to chase the money and get stung in the process.


Australia’s 2015 Asian Cup Victory

Well what a game, what a tournament, what an event! Who said that Australia can’t play soccer?

Taking out the recent victory at the Asian Cup on 31st Jan 2015 was a spectacular event. And to be hosting the event in our own country made it even more amazing.

Australia joined the Asian Football Confederation in 2006 and 9 years later takes out first place. Out of 16 teams this is a great achievement for Australia and brings new life to Australian soccer as a whole.

In the world competition, namely the FIFA world cup Australia has not made it nearly as far however the world cup does include 209 countries and there are many stronger teams than us on a global scale. But saying that, with our continued momentum is it only a matter of time when we will be able to compete for the world cup victory?

Challenging I know, but have you noticed after every soccer event there seems to be an influx of new followers into the sport in Australia? Children want to follow their international idols and our multicultural nation helps us gain new talents from overseas.

We just need more kids growing up with soccer balls at their feet from an early age and they too can become as skilled as the Brazilians and other South American teams. They just seem to be naturally gifted. Check out these Brazilian beach jugglers:

I have never seen quite as much skill on Australian beaches of soccer ball juggling as Brazil. Even the youngsters are pros!

But then what about the Germans. Is it their strict training regime or the fact of German precision? Who knows but Australia can definitely take a few pages out of both of their books.

But before we get carried away planning on taking over the world, we need to appreciate the victory that has just taken place. Winning the Asian Cup is a tremendous achievement and to do so on our home turf is a fantastic display of our countries talents and determination. With this continued focus Australia can keep moving forward in our global ranking but for now lets celebrate the fact that we are the current Asian Cup champions!